Friday, September 14, 2007

9-14 - Yellow Crane Pagoda - photos


Steve, Wendy and Clair said...

Marty and Christy, Love the new pictures. Can you bring home one of those dinner bells? That could come in handy around your house (or ours). What a cute picture of Olivia - she likes to have her tongue out. She isn't going to be happy if you continue to take her toys for naptime!

Keep 'em coming.


Cynthia said...

I absolutely love this pic with olivia in pink with headband. She is adorable. I know you are very proud. I can hardly wait to meet Olivia.

btw, Marty can not have olivia's toys. lol

I am so happy for you. =)

Leigh Ann said...

I can't wait to get up everyday and see pics of Olivia and China.
Of course words can not even begin to describe the Joy I feel for both of you and Olivia. What a wonderful beginning to a new life.

Aunt Leigh Ann & Uncle John