Thursday, September 20, 2007

9-20 Arrived in LA

To be perfectly honest, I do not know what day it is and really what time it is. I have given up on trying to convert timezones, I made it simple and set my watch on EST and I just back out an hour for Alabama. The flight from Guangzhou was the most gruling 13 hours of my life, Olivia refused to sleep. Thomas was so good that he even got us one of the two available bassinets. The mistake that was made is when Olivia finally fell asleep in the bassinet I looked over to Christy and said "this is going to be great". Famous last words! About 15 minutes later Olivia decicded it was time to wake up and of course she needs daddy to hold her. In case you are wondering this is when the 13 hours or torment began. No sense attempting to explain all the flips, turns, screaming, looking aroung - I really do not think you would fully appreciate the moment unless you were there, much like the guy behind me that moved....twice! She just did not have it in her to be still and quiet.
We will be boarding in a few minutes heading to Atlanta and then on to Alabama.


Anonymous said...

We can so relate to this Marty...Danna Faith wouldn't sleep - and it seemed like the other 25 babies on our plane didn't either. We mostly walked the aisles. We had booked a room in LA, which made our trip back to Birmingham so much better the next day. We are so glad you all are heading home and we thank the good Lord for your safe return. Your family is precious. Your site has helped us to endure our long wait - don't know what we will do for entertainment now. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful journey.

Anna Harpst

Jan said...

Well, you guys should be home now and I know you are so grateful to be there. I hate your flight to LA was so difficult. At least it will be memorable :-)

Take care and if you need anything, please let me know. Hope to see some photos of Olivia in her new home soon.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Welcome back to your home. Can't wait to see you, Christy and Olivia taking a walk in the neighborhood.

Gilbert and Chichi