Sunday, September 9, 2007

9-7 - Great Wall

Today started early for me as i thought I would get up and run 5 miles on a treadmill. Well I did 3 on the treadmill and a couple on the sidewalks of Beijing. The weather here is great - if you could only breathe it would be better. The pollution is pretty bad. After the run, Christy and i met for a fantastic buffet style b'fest. Needless to say we put a hurting on them as we both skipped dinner from the nite before.

Thomas (guide / picture taker) met us around 9:30 to go to the Great Wall. I forgot about the Wall expedition this when I decided to run this morning. Anyway, onto the Wall we went. We loaded up in a "chariot of death" and then we made our way into the world of shameless and reckless driving. Luckily we made it to the Great Wall in one piece and all the fenders were still on the vehicle. Amazingly enough!

Christy got a little car sick on the ride, but she was a trooper and made an effort to climb the wall. Thomas laid out a challenge to go to the top as most tourists only go half way. That was all it took. When Chris decided she had reached her stopping point she gave us the proceed at on risk statement. So Thomas and I were off to our on personal limitation / cracking point.

They do not call this the Great Wall for nothing. At some points the steps are literally straight up. Needless to say I dropped Thomas after another 200 yards. Which Thomas admits he is lazy, but he did make a good effort. Of course, I thought quitting was a good idea as well, but I made my way on to the top where you could go no further. Thank goodness as I was borderline cardiac arrest.

After I carefully and cautiously made my way back to the bottom where I met Christy and Thomas, we left the wall to have lunch. Great restaurant but way to much food.

Back to the hotel where Chris rested and Thomas went walking around dwtn Beijing.

Tomorrow we leave by plane to go to Wuhan, Hubei. There we will finally get to take Olivia into our family. I think the time we get her is scheduled to be Monday @ 3:00PM.

Enjoy the pictures. It took a lot or work and sweat to get them.

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