Sunday, September 23, 2007

9-24 - Final Post

Christy, Olivia and I have spent the past 3 days sleeping as much as we can and we are still exhausted. The fact we all still have colds has not helped us to get acclimated to the CST timezone. Olivia has been sleeping pretty well, Saturday night she decided to wake around 3:00 am so that made Sunday a very long day.

I guess this will conclude my postings to this site as there is not much more in the way of adventures that we can share with you. Of course I could always post the adventures of the bathing ritual, which by the way Olivia still hates. We are certain someone will be calling DHR every time we give her a bath, she screams like you would not believe. I am certain you do not want to hear about the replacement of the car seat from my vehicle and placing it is Christy's. Surely it will be a smooth transition - yeah right, you may want to re-read the original post about installing the Lazy Boy!!! I have decided to wait until Monday morning to do this as I did not want to ruin the weekend with another frustrating episode of NASA engineering deciphering.

Again, we enjoyed being able to provide all you with an avenue to share our adventure. It has certainly been one we will never forget and one that we look forward to sharing with Olivia as she gets older.

9-25 Video - Olivia



9-24 Video - Wuhan Park

While in Wuhan I came across this park where each morning you would find a lot of people exercising, mostly older people. The exercise ranged from routine stretching to eloborate dancing with fans. Some of them would be performing with swords, I tended to stay away from them.

I took this video and some pictures. This park was one of my favorite places in Wuhan. The people were so nice to me there.


Friday, September 21, 2007

9-21 - Home, Finally home

They say there is not many things better than a good night sleep in your own bed, especially after a very long trip. Even more especially after sleeping what equated to concrete slab mattress for two weeks. Well...I will have to tell you later just how good it is as I fell asleep on the couch! I can tell you the couch slept GREAT!!!
Just wanted to send out quick post to say that we made it back to Alabama yesterday around 9:30. When we got home there were pink ribbons on the mailbox and a Welcome Home Olivia sign on the house. It was really nice, we have got the best neighbors and friends you could ever have. Inside the house friends had left lots of gifts and flowers for Olivia. It was very surprising and much appreciated.
I will provide a better post later today (Friday), I just wanted to say thanks for all the kind comments left on the website. We were not able to read them while in China so it was fun to sit in LA and Atlanta and read all of them. I am glad a lot of you have enjoyed the website it was fun for Christy and I to do. I have a couple of videos I will post as well as some additional slide shows. We hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

9-20 Arrived in LA

To be perfectly honest, I do not know what day it is and really what time it is. I have given up on trying to convert timezones, I made it simple and set my watch on EST and I just back out an hour for Alabama. The flight from Guangzhou was the most gruling 13 hours of my life, Olivia refused to sleep. Thomas was so good that he even got us one of the two available bassinets. The mistake that was made is when Olivia finally fell asleep in the bassinet I looked over to Christy and said "this is going to be great". Famous last words! About 15 minutes later Olivia decicded it was time to wake up and of course she needs daddy to hold her. In case you are wondering this is when the 13 hours or torment began. No sense attempting to explain all the flips, turns, screaming, looking aroung - I really do not think you would fully appreciate the moment unless you were there, much like the guy behind me that moved....twice! She just did not have it in her to be still and quiet.
We will be boarding in a few minutes heading to Atlanta and then on to Alabama.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

9-18 - Spent the day in the room

Today was a day of much needed rest. Christy and I are both fighting a cold and it has been very draining. This morning Thomas went to the US consulate to obtain the travel Visa for Olivia, we will get to pick it up on Wednesday at 3:00. When we pick it up we will have a swearing ceremony for Olivia, I believe it has to do with her impending US citizenship. Once the plane touches down in LA, Olivia will be a US citizen.

We did take a taxi into town to visit a electronic mall, this place was like a Radio Shack on steriods. There was nothing that you would not want this place did not have. It had so much that you could not take it all in. Everything from circuit boards to stereo cable. Lots of stuff!

I will most likely not be able to post anything until we get to LAX as we have a 5 hour layover there. We are scheduled to be in Birmingham on Thursday around 9:00 AM.

Thanks for all of the kind comments, I have not been able to read them, but some of my friends have been sending me notes about what has been left. We look forward to getting back in the US so we can read for ourselves.