Tuesday, September 18, 2007

9-18 - Spent the day in the room

Today was a day of much needed rest. Christy and I are both fighting a cold and it has been very draining. This morning Thomas went to the US consulate to obtain the travel Visa for Olivia, we will get to pick it up on Wednesday at 3:00. When we pick it up we will have a swearing ceremony for Olivia, I believe it has to do with her impending US citizenship. Once the plane touches down in LA, Olivia will be a US citizen.

We did take a taxi into town to visit a electronic mall, this place was like a Radio Shack on steriods. There was nothing that you would not want this place did not have. It had so much that you could not take it all in. Everything from circuit boards to stereo cable. Lots of stuff!

I will most likely not be able to post anything until we get to LAX as we have a 5 hour layover there. We are scheduled to be in Birmingham on Thursday around 9:00 AM.

Thanks for all of the kind comments, I have not been able to read them, but some of my friends have been sending me notes about what has been left. We look forward to getting back in the US so we can read for ourselves.


The Blaszczynski Family said...

HOpe you are all feeling better! Have a great flight home!
The Blaszczynskis

Jan said...

Marty & Christina,

I pray you have smooth and safe flights home to B'ham. Wish we could be there to greet you, but both my girls have been sick this week. Just know we're thinking about you and praying for your safe journey and for a smooth adjustment once you are home. If there is ever anything we can do for you, please let us know.


the yelvertons said...

Marty, Christy and Olivia,
Robert and I have been looking at pics and reading the updates. THanks so much for keeping us informed. We are so happy for you! Y'all will get home before Jewel and I are up tomorrow....kidding! We can't wait to see all of you, but don't want to overwhelm you when you get home. I'm sure you'll be exhausted. Please know I'm available and would love to loan anything or run errands, whatever!