Thursday, September 13, 2007

9-13 - Orphange Visit

September 13, 2007

Today Thomas and I went to the orphanage which Olivia was discovered. The location of the orphanage is about 2 hours from Wuhan, actually located in the rural / farm land of Hubei.

On the way to the orphanage we got into an accident as a driver pulled out in front of us and we struck him around the front tire / fender area. Just a fender bender, but within about 2 minutes there was a crowd of 30 observers. The police came, citations written and we were off again.

Once at the orphanage I was shown the location Olivia was discovered. It was on the steps just outside the iron gates that block entry to the courtyard. We made our way inside where I was given a tour and lunch was provided. I was allowed to walk around and take pictures of the buildings and courtyard, but was asked not to take pictures of the few children that were around the facility. Apparently, in the past people had taken pictures and posted them with negative comments about adoption proceedings at other orphanages. Now all the directors have been advised by CCA to not allow pictures of children in the facilities. There are 127 children at this facility ranging from infants to 17 years. Some / most of the children have some type of disability. I met one little girl that had brain surgery as well as another that was operated on to allow her to walk. The stories from the director are very compassionate. You can tell from the way Ms. Li describes the children she has very sincere dedication to her work and her facility.

After the tour we made our way back to Wuhan and the hotel. Chris, Olivia and I took our afternoon walk where we found a really good bakery. We also went to a local store and purchased some snacks and drinks. It is hard to describe how difficult it is to buy stuff when you have no idea as to what the label says and nobody can explain it to you. It is a true leap of faith. I had Olivia in her carrier, but I broke a rule, and had it as a backpack. She likes it better that way as she can see more of what is going on, she also gets to pull my hair and ears this way. We had so many people come up and rub on her and say “lucky baby”. Christy and I still feel a little guilty about taking Olivia out amongst everyone, but when we do we are all very well received. Not to mention Olivia loves going for walks so she can look at everything. She is so inquisitive.


The Blaszczynski Family said...

When Madison was a baby she LOVED being in the back pack, mainly because she liked to see around and could pull our hair. She thought that was the greatest thing ever. Love seeing all the great pictures! Olivia is an angel.
Amanda B.

Cynthia said...

I never used a backpack with my kids, but I would think it would be an essential in this day and time.

Olivia is a lucky girl, but I have the feeling you and Christy are just as lucky.

I can only imagine trying to shop and deal with money there as tourists.

As for orphanage, I bet it tugged hard on your heart, I bet Chris was wanting to bring everyone home with her. Chris and her mom are very compassionate people. I am seeing a compassionate side of Marty here too as dad. *smile*

Olivia is just a doll though. My mom has already printed the pic and I think she has her on refrigerator. lol
After you all have rested up at home, we want to come meet Olivia. Olivia will forever change my first thoughts of 9/11 too. I now have something to smile about on 9/11 each year!