Thursday, August 30, 2007

8-30 - Travel Itinerary

Christy and I will board a plane September 5th to start our journey to receive Olivia. Of course our first leg will take us to Atlanta then onto Los Angeles and finally to China. Total travel time will be approx. 28 hours - give or take.

Below is our Itinerary for the trip:

Sep.7 - arrive in Guangzhou, China
- Fly from Guangzhou to Beijing - Half day tour to Forbidden City and Tianmen Square
Sep.8 - tour to the Great wall with lunch
Sep.9 - Beijing to Wuhan
Sep.10 - "Gotcha Day" / 'Forever Family Day" - Receive Olivia
Sep.11 - Adoption registration
Sep.12-14 - Adoption process
Sep.15 - Wuhan to Guangzhou
Sep.16 - TBD - Nothing scheduled - most likely shopping for gifts
Sep.17 - Medical check up for Olivia
Sep.18 - Appointment with the US Consulate
Sep.19 - Pick up Olivia's Visa / Leave for USA
Sep.21 - Arrive Home

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Debbie and Sam said...

Good luck on your trip. We just got back on Friday. Enjoy every moment. It will go by so quickly.