Sunday, August 26, 2007

8-26 - Travel Approval Granted

We have received travel approval!!!!! Now we have requested an appointment date with the US Embassy in Guangzhou, China. Hopefully on the 27th we will receive our appointment date and then finally we will be able to make flight and hotel arrangements. Tentatively we are expecting to leave on September the 6th or 7th.

First leg of our travel will take us to Los Angeles and then the flight will be approximately 16 hours from LAX to Beijing, China. We are not sure if we can get a direct flight into Wuhan, Hubei so we will most likely have to make an intra-country flight once we arrive in China. I can imagine our initial travel period to Wuhan will be 26 hours. Should be fun....hopefully it will go better than our 18 hour travel experience from Hawaii after the earthquake last fall.

This week we should start packing and complete our gifts shopping for the foster parents and our guide in China. We are still hoping to find a house sitter to take care of Maisy, MiJho and Anna Belle. If nothing else we can board Maisy (don't want to) and have some of our neighbors check on the cats.

I will be taking shot at installing the baby seat in our vehicle this week. Should be interesting. Apparently baby seats are not that easy to properly install and 90% are installed improperly, Christy is to make an appointment at a local police station to check my baby seat installation skills.

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