Wednesday, August 15, 2007

8-16 - Waiting on travel approval

It has been two weeks since we received our referral, not much has happened since then. We have requested travel approval and sent our passports to DC for visa stamps so we can enter China. Christy has been buying baby clothes and I have been buying gadgets e.g. video monitor.

We have also contacted a lady in Texas that will serve as our liaison until we travel. Her father lives in the same province as our daughter (sorry - no name chosen yet) and he will deliver letters and a care package we have put together. The care package consist of a cake (to be purchased in China for a party for our daughter and the others in foster care), pictures of Christy and I, camera and a couple other things - I think.
Today we FedEx'd another package, it consisted of a blanket which Christy and I slept with for a couple days. It is believed with us sleeping with the blanket our scent will transfer and it will assist with the bonding once we receive her on "gotcha day". (I (marty) do not have much confidence in the blanket, I know once she is handed off to us she will scream and cry and throw a fit, understandably so. We will have to flip a coin to see which of us is to be the first recipient.) We have also provided a book which has some questions we hope the foster parents will answer. The book is pretty cool as on one side of the book is the question in English and on the opposing side the same question is written in Chinese.

Travel is still anticipated to be mid September - we anxiously await travel approval.

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