Sunday, August 26, 2007

8-26 - We have chosen a name

Olivia Whitener

We are very pleased to announce we have decided our daughters name will be Olivia. We are still unsure as to the rest of her name, but I am very happy that we have chosen Olivia. Christy has requested to have Olivia's Chinese name translated to determine if it will offer anything we may want to incorporate into her name. The name she was given by her foster mother is Rou Han Li. The foster mothers last name is Li, we would like to know what translations or references Rou Han will offer.

Olivia was one of the very first names we had in mind when we first started the process of adoption. We had a couple of other names that we really liked but one was used by a neighbor that had a precious daughter last year and another name was used by my admin when she gave birth to her daughter 2 weeks ago.

From the earlier post you will see we are very close to traveling to receive our Olivia. If we arrive in China on the 8th there is a possibility that "forever family day" / "Gotcha day" will occur on the 9th. Woo Hoo!!!!!!

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Bob, Roberta, Sam, Matt and Alex said...

Christy and Marty,

Olivia is just beautiful and we are all so excited for you!!! Enjoy your time in China - we loved it there. We cannot wait to get the children together and get reacquainted with you.

We will be following your journey online the next two weeks...
Blessings to you all,

Bob, Roberta, Sam, Matt and Alex Willard